Core Values


We continuously protect and secure our resources and community.


We conduct our business ethically and respectfully.


We are accountable to satisfy our customers, stakeholders and community.


We deliver what we promise and strive to go beyond what is expected to achieve excellence.


We impact the society in a positive way with our presence and demonstrate social responsibility.

Luberef's History

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Board Members and Management Team

Customer Value Proposition

From a single, secure source of crude oil, Luberef provides it's customers with a logistically convenient and reliable supply of
a tiered and branded portfolio of consistent quality base oils.

Single Secure Source of Crude

Supply security and consistency in product quality are of prime importance to customers.

Logistically Convenient

Logistical efficiency is critical for effective inventory management in the lubricants industry.

Reliability of Supply

Reliability of Supply enables customers to effectively plan and streamline their supply chains.

Branded and Tiered Product portfolio

Through its Yanbu expansion, Luberef is able to provide a diverse portfolio of branded and tiered base oil products that meet the majority of formulation needs.

Consistency of quality

Consistency in the quality of base oils is key to helping lubricant blenders maintain their Plant operating parameters and improve operational efficiency.

Our Products

Luberef produces diverse grades of Base Oil of the highest quality to meet industry demand both regionally and internationally. The main straight run grades include aramcoDURA® 150, aramcoDURA® 500 , aramcoDURA® BS150, aramcoPRIMA® 110 , aramcoPRIMA® 230 and aramcoPRIMA® 500. Other refinery by-products that are sold; Bright Stock Extract, Liquid and Granular Sulphur.

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Product Applications

Luberef's base oils are used in a wide range of applications including passenger car and heavy duty engine oils, gear oils, and transmission fluids, as well as in industrial applications including hydraulic oils, turbine oils, and compressor oils.

Is one of the latest projects in Luberef, which is in coordination with Yanbu Royal Commision. The hub will be located adjacent to Luberef facilities in Yanbu and will have direct piped supply of Luberef products, as well as infrastructure and utilities provided by the Royal Comission.

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